Cannabis Industry Solutions

As Strain Merchant continues to develop cannabis industry solutions that integrate globally, we’ve made concerted efforts to look closely at micro instances that are hindering growth. In local markets such as municipalities and districts, we’ve engaged decision makers in order to better understand legislation, political position, tax laws, and the economic challenges of operating a business in the cannabis industry.

We’ve observed several obstacles to federal marijuana decriminalization and many embody the negative stigmas that have been around for decades. We come to understand that lack of cannabis industry data as a whole that enable actionable insights available to decision makers is what the industry needs prior to any progression.

Big Data Analytics and Biotech

If you examine similar product oriented vertical models such as alcohol, tobacco or even the fashion industry, you can understand that governments only allow new industries to flourish if they are able levy favorable taxation mechanisms on both the consumer and business verticals. Strain Merchant was created to solve that problem as a whole.

Marijuana Consumers


  • Legislation
  • Political Positions
  • Industry Data
  • White Pages

Marijuana Businesses

Advanced Analytics

  • Training & Support
  • Medical Research
  • Published Papers
  • Business Insights Tools
  • Integrated Industry Analytics

Marijuana Researchers

Industry Insights

  • Cannabinoid Chemical Compositions
  • Government Data
  • Portfolio & Tracker
  • Grower Data & Analytics