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Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Marijuana

Strain Merchant provides Integrated Data Analytic Solutions for the medical and recreational cannabis industry.

Strain Merchant believes the primary challenge the marijuana industry is facing has to do with our society’s pursuit of the idea of a perfect union. And sometimes that pursuit creates situations where governments have to legislate activity and morality. That voice in a politician’s head/pocket isn’t wrong for insinuating concepts which it believes best serves the people. The problem arises when governments superimpose policies that are nothing more than hypocrisy similar to what we saw with alcohol prohibition from 1913-1933.

While the laws may have been well intentioned, they were short sighted and created a myriad of problems that required even more laws to regulate. This over-criminalization of alcohol, rather than taking preventative measures to combat alcohol abuse is just one example of the often heavy-handed approach taken by decision makers when their moral compass is the source of policies instead of actual data.

We’re bridging the information gap in the cannabis industry between consumers, businesses, researchers, and government.

Kaven Jean-CharlesFounder


  • Legislation
  • Political Positions
  • Industry Data
  • White Pages
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Advanced Analytics

  • Training & Support
  • Medical Research
  • Published Papers
  • Business Insights Tools
  • Integrated Industry Analytics
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Industry Insights

  • Cannabinoid Chemical Compositions
  • Government Data
  • Portfolio & Tracker
  • Grower Data & Analytics
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Access marijuana strains medical research, business insights, and in-depth cannabis laboratory data.


Integrate products, processes, and inventory data to improve operational while leveraging consumer insights.


Streamline cannabis laboratory data to expedite bio-medical research using marijuana strains to find new break throughs.


Partnering with industry leaders, we’ve built an eco-system geared at enabling the dissemination of scientific and cultural facts that dissects the cannabis industry and it’s moving dynamics. Our aim is to combat the misinformation plaguing the cannabis industry’s innovation and legislation growth by leveraging data from all sectors to aid in the development of a new global industry.